Thermoadhesives – HOTMELT
Printing films – DECORATIVE


Clear, easy and efficient process of knitwear, non-woven, foam bonding.

The possibility of easy and regular coating of knitwear, NW,
foam with thermoadhesive film


  • Footwear industry
  • Clothing garment
  • Textile indutry
  • Automotive industry

Thermoadhesive films for lamination:

  • Elastic gluing
  • Soft, elastic gluing without stiffening of the final product
  • A wide range of EVA, EAA, PE, PU and CoPA adhesives
  • Width: for individual order to 2,5m
  • Gramature from 15g/m2 to 200g/m2

Adhesive film + barrier film or film on silicon paper
Adhesive film + adhesive film – (with different temperature of melting)
Adhesive film + barrier film + adhesive film
Cutting film