Thermoadhesives – HOTMELT
Printing films – DECORATIVE

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DECOPLAST – veneer printing films made of plastics

High-quality decorative and protective films.

Rich design / ornamentation, 500 various decors.

  • decorative and protective OUTDOOR FILMS – resistant to weather and UV

  • decorative and protective INSIDE FILMS – with increased mechanical resistance


  • PMMA film

  • PMMA/PMMA film

  • PVC film

  • PMMA/PVC film

  • PVA film

  • PVC/PVC film

  • PMMA/PVDF film

  • PET film

We have our own laboratory, where:
– We work with customers on proper assortment of color
– We do tests and examinations for clients

We are open to market and customer needs. We offer technical support and personal touch for client.